Décor Hire 

White rose centerpiece

Wishing Wells

24 hour hire - $35

Bridal Table Florals

1.4m length - $60

4 floral pieces available to cover a table of 12 people


Prices via enquiry only 

Cake Structure

3 tier solid structure only - $400 

Baby's breather spiral structure - $150 

Sri Lankan Bridal Jewellery Hire 

Sri Lankan Kandyan bridal jewelry holds great cultural and symbolic significance in traditional Sri Lankan weddings. It is an integral part of the bride's attire and represents the rich heritage and customs of the Kandyan kingdom.

The Kandyan bridal jewelry is known for its intricate craftsmanship and dazzling beauty. It typically consists of several pieces that adorn the bride from head to toe.  

Includes 22 Pieces  

 3 Band Headpiece  

1 Hair Piece for Bun

2 Earrings 

1 Sun & 1 Moon Hair Pieces 

    1 Chocker Necklace 

5 Necklaces With 'Hansapoottu'

           2 Gold Bangles

2 Beaded Bracelets 

  2 'Agasthi' Necklaces - Long Length Necklaces    

 1 Hand Piece Attached with 4 Rings 

1 Saree brooch 

Giant Floral Hire 

Giant flower decorations to create a surreal landscape at your dream wedding 

Step into a world of enchantment where dreams unfurl like delicate petals. Imagine a breathtaking realm adorned with majestic, larger-than-life flower decorations that transport you to a realm of pure magic. Towering above, these colossal blossoms exude an otherworldly aura, their velvety petals resplendent with vibrant hues that seem to defy nature itself.