Poruwa Services & Designs 

Welcome to Wedding Boutique.Melbourne where we specialize in bringing the beauty and elegance of traditional Sri Lankan weddings to Melbourne, Australia. We are passionate about preserving and showcasing the rich cultural traditions of Sri Lanka, and we are thrilled to offer our services to couples who wish to celebrate their love in a truly authentic and memorable way. 

At Wedding Boutique.Melbourne, we understand the importance of every detail when it comes to planning a traditional Sri Lankan wedding. From the vibrant sarees and intricate jewelry to the intricate floral decorations and the symbolic Poruwa ceremony, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that captures the essence of Sri Lankan traditions while also reflecting the individuality of each couple. 


- Ashtaka Ceremony Celebrant providing full traditional service in Sinhalese 

- Jaya Mangala Gatha Services 

- Full Poruwa Decorations 

- Sweets (Kavili) Tables

- Sri Lankan Drummers & Dancers 

& more